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After graduating from a cinema and production schools, I worked in movie industry for several years, in Paris. From 2009 to 2014, I wrote and directed several short-films which has won prizes in festivals all around the world : Icecream (2009), Bouddhi Bouddha (2011), God Created Apple! (2013), Shrimp (2014) and What the hell ! (2017). Over the years, I won screenwriting contests : in 2011 the Cineffable Festival Script Award with Waterproof,  in 2012 the Cristal Award for the webserie LifeMobile, in 2014 the Audience Award at the Valence festival marathon with 50’s fever. In 2015 an 2016, I attended the Talent Cannes Adami collection as a screenwriter : On the road to paradise is directed by the feature director Marion Laine (A simple heart, Open heart), and A/K is directed by Olivier Van Hoofstadt (Dikkenek, Go fast). The two films has been screened at the Cannes film festival. I’m currently writing two features spec. : Childhood enemy (developed at the CEEA “Comedy workshop” in Paris), and Grizzly (developed at the “Groupe Ouest workshop” in Brittany). My fist child book Crab and princess has been published last summer, and I’m working on the next one Lightbulb. Through my stories, I want to share my happiness, my humor and my imagination. Movie after movie, I deepen my favorite subjects, desire and emancipation, in a pop and colorful visual style.

Sophie Galibert  |  +33 6 07 12 29 25  |  sophiegalibert (@) yahoo.fr  |  Agent : Jocelyne Resneau – Playtime